Superstition today and yesterday

Actions which are based on superstition can often be found in our daily life, although we do not know their context. A lot of people think their are not superstitious, without realising how often they fall back on superstition. Superstition in daily routine has sometimes a foolish dissolution, which does surprise and amuse us. s 
Usual daily rituals like, for example, the clinking of 
glasses is considered to be total superstition. In former times, the clinking of glasses or broken glass was thought to be useful for to driving away emons. We also know also know the common saying, keep your fingers crossed´´although nobody really knows from which background this has sprung. The thumb should be pressed as support for someone who needs it. The thumb was thought to be a lucky charm ,as the mankind thought it was the strongest finger, with supernatural abilities equipped. Who does not believe that a penny brings luck? This tradition stems from former traditions. Friends and lovers should be given a copper penny. Copper was thought to destroy all bad charm and to support potency . 
Superstition is still spread same as in the baroque it only changed. At that time people ,poor and rich, were very religious, and their believe was the origin of the superstition.



Salt ,for example, was thought to be holy and because of this an efficiently expedient against every kind of charm. Furthermore people thought that yawning  was dangerous, because the devil could enter your body in the form of a fly . 
For this reason they used to hold their hand in front of their mouth 
It is very difficult to define superstition as you can find a lot of different opinions about that topic. For this reason we do not try it because we donít want to offend anybody. 
Although it was very hard to find material about this topic, we hope our report raised your interest. 

Maria Troelsen/Clarisse Hasinger/Eva Engelen