The haunted school

by Nathalie

There was an old school in the middle of Scotland. It was a haunted school. At 12 o’clock in the night a boy went into the school. He heard whispers on the floor. "I’ m so thirsty and  hungry! " , a men said. He had got white  trousers and a grey shirt . The boy’s name was Harry . Harry went to the men and said : " Do you want you to go to me ? " " No, thanks , in 15min I go home and eat! " , he whispered . Harry went home and the next morning he said to his friend : " At midnight , a man was in school and said I’m so thirsty and hungry .”  The friend laughed and asked : "Was it a ghost and you didn’t see it ? "  At night the two boys went into the school and waited for the ghost . It was 12 o’clock when the man appeared . Harry went to the man and asked him: ”Are you a ghost ?"  The man answert: ”Yes I’m a ghost and I am 102 years old ! "    The two boys were frightened and ran away. On the next day Harry and his friend  told the other boys about the old ghost . The boys laughed and laughed about the two stupid boys. The next night Harry and his friend waited again . The ghost came at midnight and again whispered : ”I’m so hungry and thirsty !”  Harry went to the ghost and asked him about his life . He told the two boys about it . "It was in 1898 when a man came to my door and tapped. I opened the door and he killed me. This is my life. ", he said. Suddenly the ghost disappeared and the two boys never saw him again .